Mushy Moments Milestone Cards Review

Mushy Moments are a family run business from Sydney Australia but don’t let that put you off ordering! We received our cards within 2 days which was much sooner than I expected.
I had ordered a different set of milestone cards from Amazon before Callie was born but they took over a week for delivery. Annoying for anyone let alone a heavily pregnant hormonal woman! And I have to say while there are some similarities in terms of the milestones; the designs of the cards are worlds apart.

 photo 76ea41db-d47a-41d6-b6e5-ffa08a4c9e63_zpskwj2ndkn.jpg

The Mushy Moments cards are carefully presented in a sturdy yet attractive keepsake box and a funky A3 chart where we can document each of her milestones as she reaches them.
The cards themselves are bright, vibrant and oh so cute. I think there are times I get more excited about using the cards than the actual milestone itself, bad mummy I know! You can just tell the design on each card is so carefully thought out; the colours are inviting and really help you capture those special moments in your baby’s first year of life. Anyone who follows me knows already I’m obsessed with taking pictures; I’m not kidding when I say I have over 3000 pictures of her in my phone. But I can’t help myself; I don’t want to miss a moment of her life.

 photo 4CFD9310-A38E-4A58-9E1F-FAD74F94CED5_zpsllhvkgri.jpg

What I love most about these cards, not only do they help me pinpoint moments in my oh so cluttered phone. But they have a “Memories” section on the back of every one. I love being able to write down things she’s done or moments that have made me smile around the time of each milestone. Let me tell you, Baby Brain is real! If I don’t write it down as it happens it may as well not have happened.

 photo b1223ab1-6ed5-4942-bf29-6d2caeb5c43a_zpse85kveey.jpg

Although I have to say, there is one card in the bunch I don’t think we will need- ha-ha!

 photo af5e3fbe-e62f-4a40-bf7a-64be90abc306_zpsia6httrp.jpg

These cards are definitely made with love and the customer service is fantastic. At the minute they are advertised at £14.99 and in my opinion they are worth every penny. Not to mention the free postage and packaging (who doesn’t love free!).
I have no doubt in my mind they will be my go-to gift for all my new mummy friends. Sorry guys, spoiler alert! Trust me – you’ll love them just as much as I do.

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Disclaimer:- I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All views & opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way

2 thoughts on “Mushy Moments Milestone Cards Review

  1. Oh these are gorgeous! I did do some milestone cards with Matilda but after 12 weeks and rolling I kind of forgot about them. I wish I hadn’t now! I really love the space on the back to write. That makes them so much more than a photo prop.


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